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+ the most important thing for a woman

1. the most important thing for a woman is financial security.

2. Although this is so important, they still go out and buy expensive

3. Although they always buy expensive clothes, they never have something To wear.

4. Although they never have something to wear, they always dress

5. Although they always dress beautifully, their clothes are always just "An old rag".

6. Although their clothes are always "just an old rag", they still
Expect you to compliment them.

7. Although they expect you to compliment them, when you do, they don't Believe you


(اين متن با اي ميل برام رسيده)

نویسنده : ملودی ; ساعت ٩:٠٧ ‎ق.ظ ; چهارشنبه ۱٠ امرداد ،۱۳۸٦
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